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Nashguitars - LP Goldtop - Amazing Les Paul conversion - one of a king!

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This is what Bill Nash did for this LP conversion...

First step ne completely disassembles and separates the parts that will be aged and re-used, from the parts that he rejects and replaces. The “keeper” parts are then aged.

The finish, which is sometimes rather thick, is stripped off down to the bare wood. At this point some get stains applied, if required to get the desired color. Then the guitar gets re-finished in 100% nitrocellulose lacquer, keeping it as thin as possible to enable superior resonance.

After curing, the guitar gets the complete aging treatment and is then frets are re-worked and dressed to Bill’s specs, then he is ready for re-assembly.

The pickups are replaced with what many of you may balk at as there are so many opinions about Les Paul pickups and tone out there. As always, Bill simply builds a guitar that he would use and leave it at that. So,he uses, his favorite and most versatile LP setup: a DiMarzio Bluesbucker in the Neck and a DiMarzio Air Norton in the Bridge.

Both pickups are wired using a standard tone control that works in a very special way. Between 0-9 it is a standard control. From 9-10 it acts as a switch to shut off pone of the coils. On the necks pickup you get amazing strat like tones and from the bridge you can get a biting tele sound. Mixing both together with one or both tapped gives you another batch of great tones, including a strat like quack. Coil taps with no push pull pots!

The Air Norton give you bigger output and rich harmonics without going over the top into the tone spectrum of faceless, modern, high output sound that so many specialized humbuckers are susceptible to. These pickups have a lower string pull and a much higher sensitivity to your dynamics and playing style.

Oh and this is a 60s slim neck!

4500$ + taxes if applicable (with hardshell case)


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