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Guitars for sale



A beauty! 100% original, directly out of Tony’s closet (the friendly owner Kitts Musique)!!! 4750$ no trades ;

1969 Vintage Gibson SG Standard with early 60’s features WOW!

This 1969 Standard SG is a real GEM! beautiful translucide brown color one piece neck, no volute, small hardstock 2 patent number humbuckers 100% original (at some point it had non-original keys but was brought back with the real ones). (...)


All orginal this vintage strat sounds and look awesome! And the finish is like new. What can you want more :-) With original case 4600$ no trades ;


Nashguitars TC-72 maple by Bill Nash – brand new

Bill Nash is considered to be the magician of relic guitars. Using a multitude of aging methods he creates the most authentic looking Vintage guitars available. Each guitar is a unique work of art, handcrafted by Bill. The use of 100% (...)

Imperial Guitars

Teardrop Weissenborn Style Hollow Neck Hawaiian Guitar by Imperial Guitars

What a cool guitar!!! Hermann Weissenborn came up with the teardrop model in the 1930’s in an attempt to survive the Great Depression. His intention was just to make a cheaper instrument, but his (...)

Extra Deep Weissenborn Style Hollow Neck Hawaiian Steel by Imperial Guitars

This Weissenborn style lap steel that is designed with an extra deep body AND an extra deep hollow neck. Yep, it sounds BIG and resonant! A typical Weissenborn is about 3 or 3 1/2" deep inches (...)

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