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The red guitar collection

The Red Guitar Collection

This section of the site is a shrine to my collection to be of red archtop guitars. I have worked hard at promoting the great work of luthiers from around the globe. And while doing so, I have had the joy to meet some of the best luthiers (...)

Featured luthiers

Peter Hopkins interview: The Red Tessa Nova

A few weeks ago, I was blessed by the arrival of a new guitar from Master Luthier Peter Hopkins. The Red Tessa Nova was the latest guitar to enter my Red Guitar Collection. This is guitar is amazing in many ways. And this interview is my way (...)

Peter Hopkins

Peter Hopkins is another amazing archtop guitar magician who was kind enough to follow me in this «red» adventure. Based in British Columbia, he is a master builder crafting some of the most beautiful instruments you will see. He proposes (...)

Mario Beauregard

Mario was the inspiration for my collection. It happened a few years ago when I visited him in his workshop. He was adjusting an archtop guitar he had built for a friend. The most beautiful 17" archtop and the richest of red I had ever seen. (...)

The guitars

La Petite Rougette archtop by Michael Lewis

Once more a guitar angel has sent me an amazing guitar. The first time I saw it, I felt the warmth of the rich Ferrari red color. Then I noticed the art deco head piece that seduced me right away. I was dranwed to it also because of the (...)

Red ?

Creation of the red color for the Beauregard Facets Archtop

Mario Beauregard did put a lot of efforts in the creation of an exclusive red that would color my guitar. I had the pleasure to spend an evening in his workshop while he was working on the color (...)

Interesting information about red

Red is the highest arc of the rainbow. Red is the first color you lose sight of at twilight. The longest wavelength of light is red. Eric the Red is the Norweign Viking credited for colonizing (...)


Red represents beauty in many languages and cultures. In China, red was associated with fire, south, good luck, fortune and summer. In Japan, the color red is associated closely with a few (...)

The archtop guitar


I like their full body and distinctive arched belly, whose sound is particularly mellow and round. I like their vintage feel… Archtops were invented in the 1890s by Orville Gibson, founder of (...)

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