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Vintage guitars

Gibson ES-335 1968 TDC

Mint example of this mythic guitar! This ES-335 in the most beautiful cherry color is 100% original and is equiped by a factory B6 (instead of a B7) Bigsby. This was a special order made in 68 as shown on the original TAG. Very confortable (...)

Vintage 1968 Fender Telecaster -beautie !

I just found this very cute blonde ! An all original 1968 vintage Telecaster, that is... This guitar is very light, vibrant and offers an amazing tone, both acousticaly and with an amp. Both pickups are powerfull and full of character. When (...)


I’m a lucky guy!!! This Custom and the 1971 standard telecaster are the two last guitars from Tony’s personnal collection (the very kind owner of Kitts Musique on Jean-Talon). They both are now part of my collection and are great guitars to play (...)


This is my highschool axe! Aguitar bought by my parents while vacationing in Florida... for 125$! This beats investing in Nortel... It was equipped with diMarzio pick ups that I had professionnaly changed for Gibson 57 Classic Vintage Gold (...)


Gold! Gold! I have found Gold!!! OK it’s cheesy... but what can I say, I’m a sucker for gold:) What a guitar with it’s roaring mini-humbuckers! ;

1962 GIBSON ES-175D

An incredible guitar in perfect condition with all orginal parts! One of the jewels of my collection. One cannot play poorly with such an instrument. Bought from my friend and guitar teacher Alain Hénault. Thanks (...)

1968 Fender Stratocaster

got my hand on this amazing vintage 1968 Stratocaster. Let’s not forget that Jimi Hendrix used a 68 Strat for his Woodstock show... This one is a good 8.5 9/10. 100% original. It even came with the guitar wire, the strap, all the paperwork and (...)

1974 Fender Stratocaster

I found a hell of a Strat! I must say, I’m did not use to be a Strat guy... But this one made me change my mind right away! The feel, the tone and the look.. Beaten as an axe should be becaused it was played! This one is all original, maple (...)


This 100% original vintage 1963 jazzmaster has the coolest blonde color with a rare matching headstock. Great addition to my collection! ;


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