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The 2008 Montreal Guitar Show Guitars

Some will call it guitar porn... Here are pictures taken at the 2008 Montreal Guitar Show by our pro photographer, Pierre-Luc Dufour. Clic the pics for more details. Have fun!

The 2008 Montreal Guitar Show

What a show! This is THE high end guitar destination. So many amazing builders! So many amazing musicians! And a great crowd. Look at the slide show and click the pics for more details! I will add a description to all pictures (...)

Guitarjunky at the 2008 NAMM SHOW

The «National Association of Music Merchants» (NAMM) puts together every year in Aneihein California a huuuuuuuuuge trade show where all manufacturers and distributors present their new instruments and equipments Enough to give you blisters under (...)

Gorgeous Godin Guitars pictures

These beautiful pictures have all been taken by the lovely photographer Katherine Calder-Becker artistic director, web designer, photographer and great person from Godin Guitars. I strongly believe she takes the most beautiful pics in the (...)

Nashguitars pics

Looking for some inspiration to order your next Nashguitars? This is what you need! /html

Photos & souvenirs!

Pictures from some of my encounters with great musicians, luthiers and friends of the guitar world! Look at the slide show and click the pics for more details!


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