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Guitar moods

Premier Guitar Magazine: the ultimate fix for guitarjunkies!

Your guitar budget is already gone for the year? Everytime you see a cute girl in the street you tend to compare her to a guitar body style?The article in Playboy Magazine does not do the job anymore? Treat yourself with a subscription to (...)

My kingdom for a ukulele!

You think that ukes are toys? Think again! They are the most underrated musical instrument of all! And if you get your hands on one... You will fall in love. Here is why... It’s portable... In a plane, in the car (at the red light!), at the (...)


A friend and guitar maker from Magog (Quebec), Bruno Boutin, told me a very touching story. I thought I should share it with you. This story made me realize how generous guitar people are. We often hear about guitar companies’ auctioning (...)

Gifts ideas for guitar players

In this section of the site, from time to time, I will list some gift ideas for guitar players trying to avoid the socks or the ugly tie! My goal is to list unexpensive but interesting gifts. Feel free to send this to your close ones! You will (...)


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