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6 January 2014


A beauty! 100% original, directly out of Tony’s closet (the friendly owner Kitts Musique)!!! 4750$ no trades ;>>>>

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1969 Vintage Gibson SG Standard with early 60’s features WOW!
This 1969 Standard SG is a real GEM! beautiful translucide brown color one piece neck, no volute, small hardstock 2 patent number humbuckers (...)>>>>
Teardrop Weissenborn Style Hollow Neck Hawaiian Guitar by Imperial Guitars
What a cool guitar!!! Hermann Weissenborn came up with the teardrop model in the 1930’s in an attempt to survive the Great Depression. His (...)>>>>
Extra Deep Weissenborn Style Hollow Neck Hawaiian Steel by Imperial Guitars
This Weissenborn style lap steel that is designed with an extra deep body AND an extra deep hollow neck. Yep, it sounds BIG and resonant! A (...)>>>>
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Updated on 28 December 2010, by guitarjunky

It’s back!!! presents The Montreal Uke Grand Prix - 3 ukes to win!!!

The Montreal Uke Grand Prix is back on Ukulele Underground! You like the Beatles? You are a ABBA fan? You play great jazz standards? Or you have the best Engelbert Humperdinck cover ever? We (...)>>>>
Updated on 15 October 2010, by guitarjunky first Canadian dealer for Asher Guitars and Lap Steels!!!

You know it... I have this passion for anything with strings on it! And my new love beiing Lap Steels, I could not avoid the amazing work of Bill Asher! Who is Bill Asher? He is the founder, (...)>>>>
Updated on 16 May 2010, by guitarjunky proud new Fluke&Flea ukulele dealer!

We are very happy to announce that we are the new Fluke & Flea ukes dealers! We fell in love with those amazing ukuleles at the last NAMM show where we found that they are great quality (...)>>>>

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Ben Harper & Bill Asher Lap Steels! Live à Montréal

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