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It’s hard not to love guitars and I welcome you to Guitar Junky, a Canadian website that celebrates everything guitar!

MacKenzie and Marr

Since this is a Canadian website let’s celebrate MacKenzie & Marr, two Canadian lads who set about making quality guitars affordable such as this small body guitar. A full sound in a small guitar. I have one!

If the name MacKenzie & Marr rings a bell, they appeared on Dragon’s Den and in a blind sound test their guitar beat out a Martin.

Ian Tyson

This M&M cutaway acoustic is a tribute to the great singer songwriter Ian Tyson . MacKenzie & Marr artisans turned a stash of rare Bolivian Rosewood into a one-of-kind Florentine cutaway – the Ian Tyson inspiration.

Epiphone Les Paul Custom Pro

I absolutely love my Epiphone Les Paul Custom Pro and even if it’s not quite a Martin, can you really tell the difference. If you read the history of Epiphone you’ll realize this is not just some company out there ripping off Martin Guitars.

Shout Out!

And we always like to give shout to our favourite people and top of the list is Glen Alan, a Toronto producer, vocalist, musician and founder of the Guitar School of Toronto, certainly the best school in the city for guitar lessons for beginners and beyond. The coolest feature is RockBand, which offers students a unique opportunity to play in a band setting, acquiring essential musical skills that can only be learned by playing individual parts in a group.

The Coolest Looking Guitars ever

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Red Gibson S-G

Yes, this is starting out with a touch of class.

Brian May’s Red Special

It’s made from a fireplace, of course it’s friggen’ cool.

Tenacious D Master Exploder Guitar

Just look at that man!.